Age Range

Marital Status

Age range of children (check all that apply)

How long have you been a part of Family Church?

Are you currently in a GroupLife group that meets consistently?

Do you see a need for Family Church to have groups or events geared toward addressing the needs of women specifically?

How often would you like to see women's groups meet?

How often would you like to see women's special events held?

Would you need childcare to attend a women's group or event?

As a woman in our church community, what are your greatest needs?

I feel connected with other women at Family Church.

I am at a season in life that I can benefit from a support group of other women who have experienced, or are currently experiencing, a similar season as my own (grief, loss, divorce, special needs, addiction recovery, foster care, adoption, etc).

I would be interested in attending an interest group with other women.

Interest groups are groups of people who gather together for a common interest, such as a sport or hobby.
I have an interest in mentoring women younger than myself.

I would like to be mentored by women further along in my current life stage.

I like to dig deeper into the Bible with other women.

I enjoy spending time praying with and for others.

I would be interested in joining a GroupLife group of women with similar needs as my own.

I enjoy and find value in attending large women’s events.

I want to find a place to serve others and make a difference.

Accountability is a need I currently have that is not being filled.

I would like to find and meet with a group of women with hobbies similar to my own.

Are there any other comments you would like us to know when considering helping women connect and grow at Family Church?

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